Thursday, February 19, 2009

Morgan Turns 2!!

My little baby is already 2. I can't believe it.
He always cries when I go to Fry's and Dylan goes to the kids care and he couldn't because he wasn't 2 yet. So, believe me, an opportunity for me to have a break for an hour (even if I have to go to Fry's to get one) is so huge and that is the first thing I did this morning when we left the house. I took them to Fry's and he got to finally go play in the kids care. You have to be a mom to understand how exciting this is. Right? I think I was the one who was more excited. I got to have a break. So, I walked up and down every isle just to have some peace.

Tonight we gave Morgan a mini cake and let him have at it. He enjoyed it very much!

He sure brings a lot of joy in our life!

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