Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Clarisonic Face Brush

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I got this wonderful item last Christmas from Chad and it has been the BEST gift ever!! He uses it too.

The reason why I am bringing it up now is because recently, it started to act up so I called Clarisonic customer service and with out any hassle, they said they will send out a brand new one and for me to send back the other in the return box that they paid postage for. Amazing! Not only is it a great product but the company really wants to please their consumers. Thank you Clarisonic!!!

If you want to get rid of fine lines, pimples, skin spots and not to mention make-up and dirt build up, this is the product for you. I highly recommend you go to their website and learn more about the product.

Click here.


  1. omg! if you want to go to the next level and get a facelift- remove the wrinkles and deep lines- try the galvanic spa- I got one this weekend and it is amazing- you can also work on tummy arms and cellulite! I'm going to have a facelift party let me know if you want to try it