Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Krista and Reba McEntire in Reno

I was going through some old pictures and videos and I started to crack up because it brought back great funny memories. I would like to share this with you.

This first video is a short clip of Reba McEntire opening the show from her clothing line. I was one of the models and this is from our cheesy video camera. The next video is a short clip of me trying to walk down the runway. My feet were sweaty (I was nervous) in my strappy shoes and I was trying not to slip. I couldn't walk too well and so therefore, it was again very cheesy!! I looked so stiff. It makes me laugh!!!!!

Me and my slippery feet. Oh, and I was waiting for 2 other models before me so be patient, it takes a minute before it's my turn.

There were so many people there that Chad couldn't walk around to get more video. I am kind of bummed because this was a fun experience. Will I do it again? NO!! Runway is not for me. At least, I got to go and the next day Chad and I got to hang out in Reno together.

More funny stuff to come, stay tuned.

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