Monday, April 6, 2009

Not So Easy To Diet

Okay, so the weight loss contest is not going so good. It is just too hard to diet. For Chad, he is always on the go so he just stops to pick something up to eat and hasn't been able to get much exercise in. For me, I don't get heavy work outs in either and my metabolism has stopped it seems. So, I am still trying to cut back but I am making a goal this week to exercise harder even if I have to run up and down the stairs inside my house. I think since I haven't had a car during the day and currently don't have my gym membership right now, I have been super depressed and unmotivated.

My Dr. knows the stress I have been under and he said it could cause unexpected weight gain. Which explains why I diet but still gain weight!!! AAAHHH!!!!

I NEED SOME MOTIVATION!!! HELP!!!!! Anybody have any good workout dvd's I can borrow??

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