Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Joys of Summer

Am I looking forward to summer? Not sure yet. I am looking forward to my kids around because then I can have the older boys help me with the little ones. Though I am not looking forward to the heat. That means we would need to go to the pool, WHICH MEANS....I have to wear a swimsuite. UUGGHH!!! I am NOT ready for that.

I will tell you what I am NOT looking forward to either, which comes with the months of heat. SCORPIONS. Tell me it isn't so. I thought this house that we are in would keep us free from scorpions. I swear I hate those things.

Well, guess what showed up the other night. YEP!!! A huge one too and it struck at Alec's foot. Almost, got him. He was so scared. I took this picture before we killed him. AAAHHH!!! Please tell me it isn't so. I can handle one or two so please, I hope this is IT!!!